Created by nature, embodied through experience

A membership site for people wanting to embody their knowledge of medicinal plants through a unique and practical learning experience

  • You are someone who’s intuition has sparked an interest in the natural world.

  • You are someone who finds peace and connection through listening to the trees and allowing all of nature’s wonder to bathe your eyes.

  • You are someone who has (for a long or short time) found solace in nature.

  • You are someone who looks at nature and sees ‘green’ but wonders if there could be more to it.

  • You are someone who, deep down, knows there is more to it, but doesn’t know WHERE to start.

  • You are someone who wants to know more but doesn’t know how.

  • You have come to this place, to here, because like me, something drew you here.

And that something is the need to know more.

To be empowered through the knowledge that nature holds and is willing to share…….


I’m Lucie, a professional Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist and I’m deeply passionate about plants and health! 


I have a clinical practice in Neal’s Yard Remedies, Glasgow city centre and a dispensary (stock of herbal medicines) at my home in Pollokshields.


I graduated with a BCS (Hons) in Medical Herbalism in 2008, from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. I went on to complete an MSC in Ethnobotany, Graduating from the University of Kent in 2013, with a specialist interest in East African Medicinal plants and how knowledge of medicinal plants is transmitted in ethnic minorities.


I also have a BSC (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Leeds and diploma qualifications in Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage massage, clinical aromatherapy and holistic facial treatments.


Phew! I am committed to ongoing CPD, fully insured and a member of the UK’s oldest regulatory body of professional herbalists: The National Institute of Herbal Medicine, and The Federation of Holistic Therapists.  

You find yourself in this space but………..

  • You don't know WHERE to start

  • You don’t know who to trust – I mean, in the vast ocean that is the world wide web, who do you trust as a reliable source of expertise and information on herbal medicine?

  • You don’t know HOW to start – that in itself can be overwhelming

  • You don’t know how to systematise your learning

  • From the things you read on the internet, you still don’t have a personal connection with that person, and would prefer to put a face on a reliable person you can trust AND know has not just academic knowledge, but knowledge born out of direct experience (because that’s how you also learn)

  • There are always a lot of other life’s jobs to do that don’t make learning about herbs a priority

So, how about saying goodbye to confusion, not knowing where to start and a lack of trust.


Shall we join together to build a supportive and respectful community where we can learn what nature has to teach us about this particular set of incredible plants, called medicinal plants?

What your membership includes

  • Course Content

    24/7 hrs access to a full 10 months-worth of recordings for each/all sessions you signed up for. This may include the sensory tea tastings, the single herb webinars, the practical medicine-making sessions. Plus, a written document on each herb studied. Handouts giving instructions and methods for practical medicine making.

  • Live Training

    Video links to all live training sessions. Recordings added to the membership site.

  • Upgrade 

    Opportunity to upgrade at anytime to get complete access to all content and trainings

  • Private Group

    Access to a private group for peer support and discussion


  • Worksheets

    Work-sheets to review what was learnt and feedback into your peer group. Checklists to monitor your progress.

Membership Levels


Here's What You'll Get

  • Tea Tasting Samples

    Prior to beginning on 19th August 2019 you will receive through the post 10 samples of dried herbs, labelled 1-10

  • Full Written Instructions 

    Full written instructions on how to prepare the infusion for the tea-tasting

  • Live Tea Tasting Sessions

    Each herb has a 60-90 minute sensory tea-tasting webinar which you are invited to participate in, or if you miss it, you can watch later


  • Sensory Tea Tasting Template

    A downloadable document that will provide a framework for following the sensory tea-tasting during each live training



Here's What You'll Get

  • All Bronze Level Content

    Everything included in the Bronze Level membership

  • Monthly Individual Herb Lecture Webinar

    An additional 60-90 minute live webinar lecture (or if you can’t attend, watch the recording). This webinar will give in-depth information on each herb, plus my clinical experience of using this herb

  • Learning Material 

    A written document on each herb (a monograph) for you to download


  • Annual Access

    All material is accessible on the membership site for 12 months 



Here's What You'll Get

  • All Bronze & Silver Level Content

    Everything included in the Bronze Level membership and the Silver Level membership

  • Monthly Practical Preparation Workshop

    A practical demonstration on how to turn the plant into a useful, practical preparation

    Examples: Infused oil, cream, vinegar, tincture (herbal preparation with alcohol base), poultice (herbal plaster)

    Attend or watch live. Access to recording in membership site

  • 10 Product Samples

    Through the post you will also receive sample amounts of all ingredients needed to complete the practical session

Each level requires a small piece of ‘homework’ to help you stay on track with your learning. 

Clear guidance for this will be sent through the post

What's the investment?



per month



one off payment



per month



one off payment



per month



one off payment

After this course you will...

  • Have gained confident insight, through a beautiful collaboration between brain and body, into 10 key herbs

  • Have developed a confident framework for learning about other medicinal plants

  • Know that your body holds key information about medicinal plants, and potential knowledge waiting to be unlocked

  • have an understanding of 10 herbs, specifically:


    • how to prepare them and the differences between preparations
    • the herbs actions on the body. For example, anti-inflammatory, pain killing, nerve tonic
    • the active constituents of the plant
    • know how to identify and find them in the wild, and grow them at home, if suitable
  • You will learn how to deliver a tea tasting and receive a dried sample of each herb for tea tastings to develop your intuitive learning

What our members say!

You are very charismatic, and I would listen to you for hours! 


The webinars and the amount of information you are able to deliver is massive!!

It has been interesting to see different energy in different webinar. Specially the 2 about nettles!!
Funny to see you speaking about the same herb in such a different way! Very interesting!

I think you have given us a fantastic overview of several herbs and herbal medicine in general.

Also you have been very generous, adding few things as bonus. not only an extra herb and the roots/seeds (which i loved!) but also extra videos and pictures.

Luigia Di Nicola

Scientific Researcher

I just wanted to say that doing this course is the one thing I am really grateful for doing in 2018!


Thank you for teaching, educating and guiding us it was so fun!

Fran Waddell


© Copyright by Lucie Bradley Medical Herbalist. All Rights Reseved.